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Help! How to get out of debt?

Over-indebted? Consumers nowadays are struggling to get out of debt. According to the National Credit Regulator, an estimated 9.53 million South Africans have impaired records, which means that they are three or more months in arrears in terms of their

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Budgeting 101

Alright, there are only 7 Mondays left before 2018 which means that there is not much time left to plan for a better and more prosperous financial year ahead! This brings me to this month’s topic on budgeting! So let’s

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Financial Advisors & why everyone should have one!

With 60% of South Africans struggling to pay their bills each month and a whopping 15.4% only of its GDP saving money it’s clear that we need some help with our finances. With a further study showing that only 30%

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