Get your Fixed Term Deposit at 18% for a limited time

The question investors often ask us is how do I save and get the best return on my investment with the lowest risk. Future Finance have discovered that without exposure to any risk, we can help you save, with a guaranteed 18% return on your Fixed Term Deposit.

This is the best annualised return on a fixed investment currently in South Africa and a win-win – for our company and our valued supporters.

Paid out monthly or capitalised for greater returns, your investment with Future Finance can help you double your money in four years (rule of 72).

100% Compliant

Limited Investment

Guaranteed 18%

A reason to save?

Future Finance is a stable Fast Little Loans company established in 2003. Year-on-year, our growth is upwards of 30-36%. This demonstrates the sustainability of our business and its healthy business model. 

People who took out loans with us in the early days are still with us today. We’ve given more than 110000 little loans for emergencies like car repairs, school supplies or medical bills with repayment interest rates of 38% to 60%.

This is why we are confident in setting our Fixed-Term Deposit rate at 18% for a limited time. We have stability in our market. 

The money you invest in Future Finance helps us to help more people with emergencies and support financial inclusion for the unbanked, while you gain the highest current interest rate for a Fixed Deposit investment.

The commitment is for one year, with a 30-day notice period. Future Finance is compliant with the strict regulations of the loans industry and our investors receive a guaranteed Fixed Deposit rate of 18%. 

If you would like to double your money, you can do this through the rule of 72. This rule states that by dividing 72 by your rate of return, you can estimate the amount of time it will take for your money to double, with your dividends and capital gains re-invested. The benefits of investing in this high-growth market speak for themselves.

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